ABOMINUS - Formed by the five Terrorcons: Hun-Gurrr, Blot, Cutthroat,
Rippersnapper, and Sinnertwin. Under the direct control of Galvatron, their scary
demeanor strikes fear into their enemies, and other Decepticons alike.

BRUTICUS - Formed by the five Combaticons: Onslaught, Blast Off,
Vorex, Brawl, and Swindle. Orginally created by Starscream as a means of revenge
towards Megatron, Bruticus has become one of the most destructive forces that has
even been seen. Without someone to give him orders, Bruticus will do nothing.

COMPUTRON - Formed by the five Technobots: Scattershot, Lightspeed,
Strafe, Nosecone, and Afterburner. Computron is said to be as smart as hundreds of
supercomputers put together, but more often than not takes too long to come to a
conclusion on plans of action. Regardless of this, he is an asset to the Autobots.

DEFENSOR - Formed by the five Protectobots: Hotspot, Blades, Streetwise,
Groove, and First Aid. Defensor is often utilized to help humans in emergency situations,
as well as the odd battle with Decepticon forces that directly threaten the humans.

DEVASTATOR - Formed by the six Constructicons: Scrapper, Hook,
Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Long Haul, and Mixmaster. Devastator is pure brutality. He will
destroy anything and everything that gets in his way no matter what. Feared by all.

MENASOR - Formed by the five Stunticons: Motormaster, Drag Strip,
Dead End, Breakdown, and Wildrider. Immensely powerful, Menasor is more than a match
for the Autobots, but due to the conflicting personalities of his components, can be
very unstable and unreliable. Would be the ultimate weapon if not for this.

PIRANACON - Formed by the six Seacons: Snaptrap, Nautilator,
Overbite, Seawing, Skalor, and Tentakil. Piranacon is solely dedicated to hunting his
prey, and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal, with no conflict from his parts.

PREDAKING - Formed by the five Predacons: Razorclaw, Rampage,
Divebomb, Tantrum, and Headstrong. Predaking moves with speed and agility rare for a
being of his size, acing almost on pure instint. There is no known defence against him.

SUPERION - Formed by the five Aerialbots: Silverbolt, Skydive,
Fireflight, Slingshot, and Air Raid. Superion has two simple goals that are paramount -
To destroy Decepticons, and to protect others. Willing to sacrifice himself for this.