The Matrix of Leadership is the Autobot talisman of legend, passed down from leader
to leader. It comprises an oval-shaped container, holding a glowing crystal. To open
the Matrix is to release an unpredictable wave of power from the crystal. The Matrix
also serves as a source of power, able to reformat a chosen Transformer (Hot Rod in
The Transformers: The Movie) into a higher-powered being. The transfer of the Matrix
usually carries with it to the recipient, upon transformation, the title of Prime.

Before passing away, Optimus Prime spoke of a prophecy: "One day, "The Chosen One"
will rise from the ranks of the Autobots, and use the power of the Matrix to light
the darkest hour." That darkest hour soon came upon Cybertron in the form of
the planet-eater, Unicron, who knew that the Matrix's power was the only thing that
could destroy him. Ultimately, the chosen one (Hot Rod, later to become Rodimus
Prime), reclaimed the Matrix and was transformed by its power before opening it
inside of Unicron and releasing its power, which tore Unicron apart from within.