It is a small, burned-out husk of a planet located in distant space, easily mistaken
for a smudge on a map. It apparently supported a civilization at one point, as
abandoned structures are seen on the surface. The surface is desolate and lacks
vegetation, but some native lifeforms exist, including an enormous spider.

Planet populated by Humans. Cybertronian War resumed on earth when Decepticons and
Autobots were awoken in the year 1984 after crashing to Earth millions of years earlier
aboard the Ark.

Goo is filled with garbage and belongs to the Junkions. The planet is like a huge
landfill, and is routinely added to.

The Planet of Junk is the home planet of the Junkions, a group of Transformers who
transform into motorcycles. The planet and the Junkions first appeared in The
Transformers: The Movie. Depending on the storyline, it has been depicted as either
a traditional spherical planet or as an elongated>

Klo is a beautiful, peaceful planet, rich in natural resources and inhabited by benign,
harmless creatures called Klozians. The planet was invaded by Decepticons under
Bludgeon's leadership, after the Transformers had won the war against Unicron. Facing
invincible opposition, Bludgeon and his Decepticons retreated back into space and Optimus
Prime and his Autobots stayed to help the Klozians rebuild their planet.

Lithone was a planet populated by intelligent Transformer-like machine life. It was
destroyed by Unicron in the Earth year 2005.

Nebulos is a somewhat Earth-like planet far away from both Earth and Cybertron, and is
the home to a humanoid race known as the Nebulans.

Planet X was first seen in a recording found by the humans. It was shown to be a highly
advanced world like Cybertron, purple in color, with two golden rings around it forming an
X pattern.

Ancient ringed planet which was the site of an early Autobot colonization effort. This colony
was wiped out by the deadly plague known as Cosmic Rust.

Home of the monster Chaos, this mining planet was featured in the episode "Chaos".

A planet whose culture is based solely on music. Among their achievements is a three-part
harmony of incredible destructive power.

Robotic planet, waged a centuries long war with Zitaxis.

Gambling planet made famous in the episode "The Gambler".

A peaceful, Energon-rich planet, accessible only through a vortex. Several Autobots fled
there when the war against the Decepticons began.

An oceanic planet that is home to large whale-like creatures called the Klud.

A highly technological planet, Pz-zazz was hopelessly corrupted by crime until an ancient
bird icon was returned to its place and purified the planet.

Home planet of the infamous Quintessons and their Sharkticon soldiers as seen in Transformers:
The Movie. Unlike most other planets, Quintessa was shown having a more spiral-like shape
than a simple sphere.

A planet whose main source of commerce is psychotherapy. Galvatron was brought there for
treatment in the episode "Webworld".

Actually a moon, not a planet. Vs'Qs is a barren, desolate place, devoid of any natural life.
Vs'Qs was the place where the body of Optimus Prime happened to land on, having been blasted off
into space randomly after his death.

Robotic planet, waged a centuries long war with Lanark.

Planet sealed by a quadrant lock by the Quintessons, advanced Samari culure with telepathic
power generated by starlight that cannot be replicated.