Beginning with a recap of the coming of the Transformers to Earth and the story
of Devastator, the Scramble City story gets underway, as the Autobots are shown
to be in the midst of constructing the powerful "Scramble City," overseen by
their newest arrival, Ultra Magnus. When the Decepticons learn of this, their
combiner robots are deployed to attack, and a battle between them and their
Autobot counterparts ensues, focusing on their "Scramble Power" - the
interchangeability of the individual limbs - to the extent that at one point,
Breakdown of the Stunticons connects to Superion to damage him. At the conclusion,
Scramble City is activated and assumes its robot mode of Metroplex to rout the
Decepticons. However, from the ocean depths, the Decepticons' own city, Trypticon,
rises from the depths of the adjacent body of water, the battle now stalemate.

No sequel was ever made, with The Transformers: The Movie being the next adventure
in the saga being produced. Scramble City is placed in the continuity between the
second season of Transformers, and the movie.